Fred Kerley REVEALS Who He Thinks Can Beat Him | 2023 Diamond League

Fred Kerley after winning back-to-back diamond league races.

Courtesy: Florence DL AG

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44 thoughts on “Fred Kerley REVEALS Who He Thinks Can Beat Him | 2023 Diamond League

  1. Figured it would be a dumb question in the first place. The disrespect track & field athletics receives and the silence of there personality after the season. No love for past track & field athletes.

  2. These dumb interviewers keep asking these guys about the record like it’s something easy to do, look back at the work Usain put in, this man broke and set records in a 2 year span or less, from 2008-2009 at 21-22 yrs old, the man was a phenomenal talent which we may never see again,I mean he broke the 100m record twice in 2008 the 200m once in the same year plus the 4x100m relay, then break all three again the following year 2009, I mean who does that? No one but Bolt so let’s enjoy Fred,Lyles and the rest of these new guys on the block, but asking them about the record every time they step on the track for a regular diamond league race is ludicrous!

  3. Aint Nobody Beating Fred Head 2 Head in 100m. Even that last Olympic Champion seemingly has stepped away from the sport and he was Possibly that one. Now 200m he will be Bronze at best. Lyles and the Highschool Youngster are ahead of him and not Kong Fu Kenny who he runs down easily now. For him to get 2nd or 3rd in 200m he will have to run sub 19.7.There are 2 or 3 ahead of him world wide.

  4. I'm competing against some of the most talented athletes on planet earth. If that equals a world record, I'll take it! Meanwhile, I'm proud of winning; whether I break a world record or not❗️Athletes feel free to borrow this response.

  5. He is good but man his becoming real cocky and arrogant,there are so many new kids on the block,his starting to disrespect the field his running with,he needs a big reality check can someone please just beat him so he can stop being so cocky all the time

  6. I feel like people want to see someone beat Kerley, and if they can't witness that, then the next best thing is to find something to complain about (his times). Kerley said nothing disrespectful towards the field, he merely focuses upon his capabilities (nothing offensive about this).

  7. It is sad to see that former 400 metres man is beating top sprinters like Blake,Bromell, Simbine, Bracy,Omanyala. 9.69 or 9.58 won't fall in a long long time. We will have to wait 2030s

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