Men's 1500m decathlon – 2023 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

won the 2023 outdoor decathlon, clinching it in the 1500 meters. Neugebauer set the facility, meet, and collegiate record in the decathlon with a score of 8836. Watch the 1500m decathlon race here.

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10 thoughts on “Men's 1500m decathlon – 2023 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

  1. It took that good old home field and the Texas crowd with another of their school's many, many imports for Neugebauer to win over Garland. It won't happen again so enjoy it while it lasts. He got lucky on the discus throw which made the difference. I'm so sick of seeing all these foreigners, many representing Texas, coming in to take our glory. One good thing . . at least he didn't break the German record so there's no frosting on this cake. Sour grapes? You bet.
    "Texas has a woman from St. Lucia, two Jamaicans and two Nigerians on their women's team. Julien Alfred, Ezinne Abba and Kevona Davis, Lanae Thomas and Rhasidat Adeleke (an Irish citizen from Nigeria) advance to the finals. They should put up a sign for would-be Lady Longhorns in track: "U S citizens need not apply." Even more egregious, they got a couple of these women from Southern Cal and U of California.

  2. What's the bigger shock; Sondre not winning the PV or Kyle not winning the Decathlon?! Congrats Leo, good luck in Budapest! That's an indoor Hepthathlon PB & 2 big Decathlon PBs in 3 months for Leo, if he can find both a sub 4.35 1500m & 60m+ Javelin, the sky's the limit for him in the Decathlon 🙂

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