Sha 'Carri Richardson is better than Abby Steiner?

Sha’Carri Richardson vs Abby Steiner Insane Relays

We all prepare for a thrilling showdown whenever Sha’Carri Richardson is battling against Abby Steiner in the fields. It gets even better when the two are pulling neck to neck with each trying their best to outclass their nemesis. It’s usually a that gets us off our seats in excitement. But who deserves more respect here as far as events are concerned: Richardson or Abby?
Let’s get it rolling to find out the achievements of these two American stars and how they’ve faired out in recent events.

Popular athlete and track star Sha’Carri Richardson is one of the athletes who have made a name in the track due to their outstanding performance. She is known among her fans thanks to her historic performance at the 2022 NYC Grand Prix where she completed the 200m dash in a record 22.38 seconds. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Richardson is equally renowned for having broken the 100m record at the NCAA, Louisiana while she was a freshman. Indeed, Richardson was born with raw talent in that leaves viewers speechless.

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37 thoughts on “Sha 'Carri Richardson is better than Abby Steiner?

  1. Hobbs was not on that US 4×100 gold winning relay team. Twanisha Terry was. Not Aaliyah Hobbs. You need to edit that.

  2. Twisted Elegance

    2 minutes ago (edited)

    Shade but no shade Abby Steiner is not a match for Sha’Carri Riachards. I feel like this is the same issue we have when it comes to Matthew Boling from Georgia University. They keep trying to add his name to the mix and it keeps getting shut out. Abbey has already went head to head with Sha’Carri “Doha Diamond League”. Sha’Carri not only beat Abbey she handed Sharika/JAM and Diana/GBR their asses as well. Sha’Carri, Shericka & Dina all went 1, 2 & 3. Abbey was dead last 08 of 08 runners. Sha’Carri 10.76 with Abbey clocking an 11.19. Then this 22.38 that Abbey laid down Sha’Carri responded with a 22.07 in Nairobi, Kenya. Beating the field by a margin so big she celebrated 40 meters before she finished. Again this is no shade to Abbey but facts. Aleia Hobbs is the one to battle with Sha’Carri not Abbey. If everyone stays healthy the womens 100 meters for the United States is Sha’Carri Richardson, Aleia Hobbs and TT Terry. Then let’s not forget about Melissa Jefferson & Teahna Daniels in/for the 100 meters. It’s highly doubtful that they’re not going to have their names throw into the hat. If there is a race that may have Abbey’s name attached to, it would be the 200 meters not 100 meters. 200 meters Sha’Carri Richards, Gabby Thomas and Abbey Steiner or Jenna Prandini. Looking at the way the field is stacking she may do the prelims for 4×100, but her and Jenna will not be in the final. Abbey can run 4×400, but that is yet to be determined. Sydney, Dahila, Athing and Britton shouldn’t be counted out. Team USA’s field is deep and it’s going to be very interesting, the top four runners in 100 and 400 are usually added to the relays. Listed below are the times set by Sha’Carri, Aleia, TT, Teanha, Melissa & Abbey for 2023 Women's 100 meters.

    Sha’Carri 10.76

    Aleia Hobbs 10.86

    TT Terry – 11.05

    Teahna Daniels – 11.18
    Melissa Jefferson 11.19
    Abby Steiner 11.19

  3. dont like the stupid clothe she wears …. but getting banned for smoking a few cones…… if someone can explain to me how thats going to effect her results in any direction but downloads.. im all ears…otherwise… banned her for what? slowing herself down?

  4. Love both girls,,sha-carri is a Rocket,,,but it’s great to see a white girl running fast,,whites are never up front in running,,,but Abby can Run and it’s good to see a white girl near the front,,lets Go Team USA

  5. ShaCarri Richardson
    "GO GET EM" puddin.
    You be my blackberry
    babygirl and a mean "SISTER MEAN"!!!
    Renegade 101st.
    Oh oh oh here us one more it not necessary to respond to everything said to you or said about you. Quickly eyes up and down the track see that finish line and get your fantastic beautiful little blackberry tail there
    1st. More power to you little "SISTER MEAN"!!! Kimbrough out.

  6. Steiner will be a 200/400m type talent with the 4×100 skill. Richardson will eventually be just a 100m talent until the next phenom comes along. Discipline is her nemesis for this sport.

  7. I would say put both runners to TRAIN! together, they can improve EACH! other. Using both training combine STYLES! With Abbys CLOSING! speed N ShaCarri's BLISSTERING! finish, who knows deff! 1-2. Moving forward,and the very BEST! to our CHAMPIONS. Abby'Sha/ ShaCarri'Abby/ Carri'Abby…they should train together 4'Sho!. Abby'Carri! 🤔! 🤩🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️1-2, maybe even leaning to tape PHOTO FINISH! ?, 👀'U when we get there.😴

  8. I don't think she is better because they are two different type of sprinters.
    Richardson is a true 100 meter dash sprinter while Steiner isn't. I know for a fact Shi' Carri can't run a 400 and if she did Steiner would dust her.
    Steiner is a true 400 meter sprinter while Richardson isn't. I still question the 200 for Abby her times against weak fields are impressive but if against the Jamaicans would be slow and for the 100 I just don't think she is built to get out the blocks efficiently and go through her gears fast enough to compete internationally. Perfect example is what just happened in Doha. She need more than 25 meters to get up to speed and her gears are more set for a 200 but really 400 meters.

  9. Richardson, couldnt even finish in the top 5 in 22, thats why she was on the U.S tem in Jamica Abby is faster, and has more class..Period

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