Sha’carri Richardson Set To Shock The World | Texas Relays 2023

Yes she is back Jamaica is done for, but great weekend got to see the likes of Abby’s Reiner, Aleia hoobs, teetee terry as of right now though I still got shacarri winning world champ 2023

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34 thoughts on “Sha’carri Richardson Set To Shock The World | Texas Relays 2023

  1. The 60m is not the same as the 100. Remember that lady that beat Elaine last year in the 60m and she couldn’t stand a chance in 100 at alll. She was always 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on. Aleia is not a threat, but she is a good runner.

  2. I'm just waiting for the weekend (Miramar Invitational in Florida). Shacarri vs Brianna Williams vs Shericka Jackson vs Tia Clayton. Jamaica is sending out "feelers". I see what they're doing lol. Keep underestimating small countries/islands. What they lack in size they make up for in strategy.

  3. Not sure what makes your post more ridiculous, you putting 9.87 as her running time or you saying Jamaica is done for, or you making predictions based on season opening races, lol.

  4. All of this is nonsense.
    Never seen so many person ls focusing on someone coming in 2nd.
    Correction: We Jamaicans never scared. Our high school girls now running 10.92. Can someone knock you out of your dream or should we just let you keep sleeping😅😆😄😃😂😁😀

  5. Shacarri use to running race where she is favorite and the competition is not there to challenge her. She choke when it come to big races . If she getting match up to people like Elaine . Shelly Ann, now Alia Hobbs and the pressure is fierce she don’t have that grit.

  6. This dude thinks being an internet influencer is what wins races. Trust me… Sha'Carri Richardson WILL disappoint again in 2023.

  7. Aleia Hobbs didn't need to go all out because she received the baton five meters ahead. She is, however, America's best 100-woman 100-meter runner hands down. I can't wait to see what she will do this season.

  8. I honestly think she is the future world record holder…many don’t understand exactly how fast this woman is!

    In this race, she got that baton fourth. She passed the two to her right, and actually closed a lot of ground on Aleia. I think she is today in about 10.85 form, which is very fast given those muscle are still huge, and she’s (along with everyone else) clearly still training. I think she and SAFP won’t match up because she switched to the 200M, and that’s smart, because it’s not good for either of them to run too fast this early.

    Shericka is a major threat also, especially given she’s trained by Francis. I keep thinking it may be good for Shericka to have a bad year this year to focus on the Olympics 2024, but, it’s looking like she’s doing well so far. Elaine is always my girl, but, unless she’s back to her form, Shericka is gonna get her!

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