Unbelievable Special RAW Look At Sha'Carri Richardson Behind the Scenes

Some of the behind-the-scenes unedited footage I was able to get of Sha’Carri Richardson at the 2021 Prefontaine Classic. All leading up to the infamous 100m her race with Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson Herah. Yall enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro
0:04 – Sha’Carri Richardson Press Confrence
0:12 – Sha’Carri Richardson Interview
0:38 – Sha’Carri Richardson Warm Up
1:19 – Sha’Carri Richardson Block Starts
2:14 – ShaCarri Richardson Fly Run
2:39 – Watch This Video Next






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30 thoughts on “Unbelievable Special RAW Look At Sha'Carri Richardson Behind the Scenes

  1. I was routing for her awhile ago, bit that mouth made me really look at her, her action truly got my attention…and now she says haters. EYES DONT LIE…sge need to stfu and LISTEN…she onviously has liw self esteem to constantly rub her wig and bragg on HERSELF…I DON'T SEE IT..WHO HATEN…(NOBODY)… rin like you talk and you will be that boss…WITHOUT FISNET, WITHOUT SPIDER EYELASHES ..as women, we dont need all those extras to validate us…there is a time and place for everything…bragg on yoursrlf after you have hold in hand to bragg on…being last even in practice should quiet you down…um..guess not👌😞😞

  2. Please ladies, get rid of all that fake hair and eyelashes. I'm sorry, but it's so distracting and unnecessary. What happened to the down to earth, focused LSU sprinter who wasn't all jiggy and street? All love no hate, but being focused will get results…

  3. My biggest problem with Shi'carri is that, of all the great black women athletes, she gets a whole lot of attention from casual black fans because she comes of as being ghetto. Black people acting like she some pillar for black culture, or black people can identify with her because of the hair, nails, and attitude. She could be great, but she talk too fucking much and black people need to stop making excuses for her getting kicked out of the Olympics.

  4. Just learned about you on the ATL stream today of all places haha. Wish I would've known about you during Pre but I'm sure we'll catch eachother in the media pits at another meet! Keep grinding!

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