Women's 3000m – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

After winning the 5000m the previous day, ’s Katelyn Tuohy ran a 9:10.07 in the to win the title at the 2023 indoor championships.

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48 thoughts on “Women's 3000m – 2023 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. Hanna Klein just won European indoor 3K with 8.35.9 almost identical to Katelyn's indoor time last year at the Armory 8.35.20 I believe – so she is pretty competitive = as we would expect.

  2. I dislike the female commentator very much!!!
    She is nonstop, motormouth and you get really tired of that!
    And like the gal said before me, she doesn’t even stop in her commentary. when there’s a lead change!
    I have to turn the volume off to watch this race. Because of her.

  3. Where are all the "threats" everyone talked about so much???? Cook, Mascarelli (sp?), Valby, etc…. She will destroy everyone outdoor as well. Far too strong!

  4. Katelyn is a machine, even when Roe was on her tail you could see Roe's mouth open wide already struggling to breath at that altitude and stay with Katelyn. While it looked like a practice jog out for Katelyn!

  5. This is just insane. 3 individual titles so far n records too. And we are not yet outdoors. This girl is something else🥰🥰👏🏾👏🏾

  6. I know she has more eligibility but at this point she should probably turn pro after the outdoor season and go train with professionals that will push her.

  7. Katelyn Tuohy is a mf BEAST. She already had the athleticism, but now since she's been in college, y'all messed around and let her learn some race strategy?! Omg she's amazing. Looking forward to hopefully getting to watch her run for a long time!

  8. I noticed she kept on talking about her team. That’s humility. Congratulations Katelyn.I was a bit disappointed by the female commentator. The leadership in the race was changing at a crucial stage and she was talking about something else. I’ve enjoyed listening to her for some years which I guess is why I’m even more disappointed🙂

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