‘You’re harassing me’ Sha’Carri Richardson kicked off plane after argument with flight attendant

American star Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off an American Airlines flight following an altercation with a flight attendant over her using her phone. # #ShaCarriRichardson #viral #americanairlines


31 thoughts on “‘You’re harassing me’ Sha’Carri Richardson kicked off plane after argument with flight attendant

  1. Tbh- she was actually focused on her phone, + did a recording like a journal(but in doing that failes to hear the overhead announcement, and then when the flight attendants asked her to stop recording + turn off- she took it personal bc to her that is her "witness" in case something happened, and it would be her word against theirs.<js>
    I get it, and have had to ask patients I had, who I asked to turn off cellphone activity because it can interrupt signals. In a hospital setting people are on machines, and some are life + death, with that sd. I get them asking for travellers to turn on thwir phones, + electronic devices. I don't think she heard the announcement, and this was a reaction bc she had the flight attendant stepped her into the video, and it escalated. She shouldve been paying attention, and ignorance of laws are no excuse(they would've told her).
    The airlines need to get that msg. to passengers before allowing them on planes(when theyre boarding- before they step foot on the plane!).

  2. Lord Jesús why ppl do not understand the rules. i clearly heard the intercom say turn off all small hand held devices such as cell phones and tables. Why are we here. Why

  3. Never in my 100's of flights I ever came close to arguing with a flight attendant. Just follow the rules and get to your destination. She is 100% WRONG

  4. If she wants to do only own her way, don’t take a flight. She could jeopardize other passengers with her selfish attitudes.

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