Abby Steiner & Sha’Carri Richardson In INSANE Relays Masterclass.

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Boys throwing fists, girls pulling hair, or a plain old tension-filled competition; which one do you like seeing best? Or do you prefer seeing someone bleeding by the end of the fight? Well, will it work if this person is bleeding inside at least? Well, not literally.

Did you hear about how American sprinter #shacarririchardson was attacked, at least online, by sports fans just before March ended? Well, simply put, Sha’Carri Richardson received criticism after she dropped a bomb, a good one this time, on her fans. In a tweet, Richardson said, “Meet & Greet with me in Austin, TX & afterward catch me in my season opener 🤪at Texas Relays !!!”

All Sha’Carri Richardson wanted to do was to welcome fans with an important update as she prepares to participate in the Texas Relays event with other popular athletes like #abbysteiner, Ronnie Baker, Keni Harrison, and Bryce Hoppel. Unfortunately, this update came after the World Athletics tweeted Richardson and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s upcoming contest in April 2023, leading to fans comparing the two and belittling Richardson’s achievements. After being bashed online by Twitter users who reacted to the #trackandfield World Athletics tweet, Richardson posted an Instagram story with the caption “I will be doing meet and greet in Austin tomorrow.” Well, at least she seemed unbothered.

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7 thoughts on “Abby Steiner & Sha’Carri Richardson In INSANE Relays Masterclass.

  1. She made her bed nd now must lay in it. Remember how she disrespected the jamaican team. Smoking weed is no excuse cause your mom died. She just need to let hertrack and field success speak for her. Track nd field committee will do what they must to sell tickets nd make the sport interesting.

  2. Lost talent. She has potential. But on her recent Texas race. She looks healthy and humble in an interview. We need her to shake the Worlds vs the Jamaicans. And she can jumpstart US sprint track who is lacking. When the US mens are dominating.

  3. @ShaCarriRichardson is that girl like it or not! You all are always trying to attack this girl, but none of the attackers are doing nothing important in life. Don’t jump on the bandwagon when she’s on top!

  4. Abby Steiner all the way! She's a natural. Super fast and a strong finisher! Athletes who use drugs (marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc), and who have arrogance will self destruct. Sad but true!

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