Abby Steiner VS. Marie-Josée Ta Lou || Diamond League Florence Women's 100 Meters

The clash of greats in the women’s
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38 thoughts on “Abby Steiner VS. Marie-Josée Ta Lou || Diamond League Florence Women's 100 Meters

  1. She's the SAFP of AfrIca at age 34 and looking to be at her nominal peak still! Her form is splendid as the last 50 meters proves that. With ZERO wind she can break 10.7 so while a few others are capable of 10.65 or better at their PEAK, they won't beat Ta Lou unless they are 100% and have a good start. As good as they all are, not as good as Flo-Jo at her peak as her records are 1/20th of a second better at 100 meters and 1/10th of a second+ at 200 meters! I was 28 in 1988 and saw her famous runs, especially at the Olympics! A generation later…the records still stand!

  2. Oooooooh so the so called "great Abby Steiner" is getting her butt kicked by the prod huh , I told you all last year that it's going to happen all summer 😧😆😧

  3. Most people outside the US know Ta Lou. Steiner was one of my faves last year but she seems to have lost the drive. She’s always had an odd arm action but it looked really weird in that race and she hit that wall with 30 metres to go….very unusual as she’s better at the 200 and should have the stamina.

  4. Abby needs to leave the 100 alone.
    She needs to work on her block exit. She just isn't geared right for short distances. She should focus on the 200 and 400 where is built perfectly for and her style of running is also perfectly matched. She can do fine in a 4×100 relay where she has a running start but from a dead stop to bursting out of the blocks she loses a step because her block work needs attention and then down track after the 30 she builds speed but those sub 11 sprinters are already 5 steps in front.

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