I Cannot Believe What I'm Seeing || The 2023 NCAA Track & Field Finals

Get ready everyone. This event is going to be epic.
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41 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe What I'm Seeing || The 2023 NCAA Track & Field Finals

  1. Please comment on the new racing shoes this year that are being worn setting new records and great times . You have shown a large number of uncharacteristic low times this indoor season . I don’t know about track shoes today but if you want to Place in your local / regional marathon, 13.1, 10 or 5K you better have carbon plated shoes ! Zoom …

  2. hyperbole boy breaks out his go to adjective "incredible" at :20 and again 15 seconds later……this is an INCREDIBLE overuse of the word. I'm not even go through the rest of the vid after our narrator loses his chit over a Moroccan Olympian 3:50 mile runner sandbagging his first 3/4 of a mile and then sprinting home in 53.6 or whatever to finish in like 4:01.

  3. Gee,,,,how could all these crazy times be?!?!?!?! Hmmmmm Steroid and or PED use?!?!?!? No way!!!! Not in track and field!!! Seems like it to me!

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  5. As an older track athlete, it infuriates me when these athletes "pull up" at the end of races. I understand why they do it, but these athletes don't know when their last race is going to be run. They could have a career ending injury at any time (car accident, etc). Always give 100% until you pass the finish line. I get why they do it, but can't stand the practice of it.

  6. Too bad this year’s NCAA is at altitude. There otherwise would have been great mile and 5000m record possibilities, especially if someone took the race out fast. As for the DMR, who cares? It makes no sense to have a mixed distance relay. Indoors and outdoors should have a 4×800 relay.

  7. Finally. Just goes to show that it has always been a mental/cultural barrier why the US barely medals in the 1500m at a world stage. This is a very good place we are at. Anyone who is smart will get to ABQ a week before to acclimatize to altitude.

  8. Like you said… because this is at UNM (altitude), and because it's a championship race, I don't think the times in the distance races will be that fast. I think everything from the mile up will be a sit and kick type race.

  9. TRP, thanks again for yet another great video. It's great watching runners competing in the old, historical value races, like a Mile. Whether Indoors or Outdoors. Most Country's only put on Mile races at the end of a season when runners have hit a peak and they end up being simply paced time-trials to enable runners to break the 4 min "barrier". Often just after their National Champs or after big competitions like Olympics. Meaning, the top runners seldom race more than one or two Mile races per year. Often a Center will have an "Evening of Miles" night where different age groups can get to race in a Mile, for the historical experience. So they can be great fun.

    It's also great seeing the number and quality of 5000m athletes. Quite astounding. Let's hope they continue their athletic careers after they finish College. Give them another 3 or 4 years development and they will be top world athletes. I'm greatly impressed by Woody Kincaid and Alicia Monson and half a dozen other fine USA runners. Of course we don't see them in the College races because they compete in Open Grade. But they are running fantastic times. Alicia just broke the USA 10k Track record by around 10 seconds. (Ran 30m 03.83) Cheers.

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