Katelyn Tuohy wins 3000m @ ACC Indoor Track and Field Championships 2023


39 thoughts on “Katelyn Tuohy wins 3000m @ ACC Indoor Track and Field Championships 2023

  1. husband speaking age 80, I love watching this girl run – A+ to all the ladies who put so much effort into their
    sport. Does anyone know how many young runners apply to NC STATE because of Tuohy?

  2. this pretty little running machine here makes all the stars pop out of me sonny-boy… like some kinda spirit world hex shit on me… she put the screws on me, you better believe it… she has that way about her… like you are looking through the back porch screen door with a glas of lemonade… er? i mean wrap your arms around her… and smell her pretty haitr i mean to say

  3. besides… to be perfectly fucking honest… if i was gonna put any cool chicks in any of my movies..er? i mean horror movies i meant to say… these chicks would be my top picks… wyy.. why? you really wanna know?? the proof is in the pudding son… these gals can do it all…. if i say… action… take 5… camera 6… and this little chicky-pooh goes running through charlies barn… to stab the monster in the head with a pitchfork i meant to say… i will sprinle that fame on all their little pretty heads… you can pack that in your fucking bowl and slap that bitch up on your wickepedia site i meant t say… these are the real super-stars sonny-boy

  4. i have seen some pretty cool-shit in my day son… and if you really wanna have it handed to you in the gods honest truth… then i will gladly be your huckleberry…. and besides… i ma … i mean… i am about fed up with all the goofy horse-shit regardless anyways… if you wanna get the full scoop on these chicks you should try watching the interviews… er? i mean? the "NC State Cross Country" i mean to sa say…go watch the 2022 National Champions & then maybe you can get your heads out of your asses i e mean

  5. เทพธิดา Katelyn tuohy มี❤️ที่
    แข็งแกร่ง รูปสมบัติสวยงามอ่อน
    หวานน่ารักมาก นักวิ่งที่ได้ผลดีเยี่ยมจากการฝึก ที่กนัก

  6. Katelyn is a demon in a girls body. Her closing speed and distance strategy is simple. Run fast, faster than anyone else on the track and you're absolutely going to rack up the wins. That was my track coach's whole strategy when I ran in highschool. Trust in your training, don't get psyched out by others abilities or strategy. 'Go out, relax, trust in you and what you have trained for. Run the best strategy and do it faster than your rivals. And the results will be what you expect them to be '

  7. Hey EVERYONE!!! She would NOT have won had a trans dude been running. If you celebrate ACTUAL women in sports, Stand up for them and say NO FUCKIN WAY to MEN competing against women. If you don't want to do that, you are part of the problem and are a repressor of women.

  8. Arms, shoulders, head, knee lift doesn't seem to change regardless of the speed or acceleration. So smooth and relaxed as if out for a Sunday afternoon jog.

  9. qu'est ce que c'est ce short blanc jusqu'aux genoux avec des poches droite et gauche d'ouvrier .notez que je n'ai rien contre les ouvriers mais une tenue unique comme Tuohy devrait s'imposer

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