Matthew Boling CRUSHES WORLD'S FASTEST TIME! || 2023 Clemson Invitational!

Thanks to Maddie Avillar & UGA Track for the amazing stock footage!
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He’s back ladies and gentlemen, and he once again has his name in the record books.
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31 thoughts on “Matthew Boling CRUSHES WORLD'S FASTEST TIME! || 2023 Clemson Invitational!

  1. He presses too hard and he starts to flail which slows him down he has had that problem for quite awhile, get to speed and relax…

  2. I’ve watched this hid since his high school days if he is going to run in any 400 sprints high 43 or low 44 that’s it and his body movements on top needs to stop in ordinary to make those times that it period and I 4 one is rooting 4 kid

  3. I believe his best opportunity at the next level is in the decathlon , could be looking at the next guy to dominate that event if he started training the other events as well in his spare time.

  4. Imagine if he could just learn to be a more relaxed runner how fast he could be. He literally looks like he is running for his life , from bullies or like he stole something lol. I wouldn't doubt if the running from bullies could have been a thing. I had to sprint past a few houses or blocks in my elementary school days.

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