Petty Sha'carri Richardson GETS DESTROYED For Disrespecting Allyson Felix on Instagram



45 thoughts on “Petty Sha'carri Richardson GETS DESTROYED For Disrespecting Allyson Felix on Instagram

  1. You're absolutely Correct!!!! I think She Will Grow… Emotional and Spiritualy…. Real soon Before Great Damage is Done….. Thanks For the Insights…😊😊😊


  3. This is all about creating, spreading, and sustaining hate. Simple

    If you are not one who is spreading love and light, YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

    GO AWAY!

  4. Allyson is honourable and respectable woman please guy she is not same level sha carri Richardson lol 😂 funny Richardson us nothing with Allyson felix won Olympics anxd prove herself one of top atlete .. ohhhh what Richardson show to the world ????

  5. TedTalk and exceedingly articulate Felix. I can’t imagine why a black woman would intentionally stoop to behaving like a thug because she feels disrespected by black women who support the inarticulate gal. “White folks?” Who’s prejudice? C’mon man! Really? This whole racism routine is old.

  6. Haha she talked bad about the Jamaicans because she finishes behind them all..she's bitter oh well..pick a sport your better at instead of pretending with an ignorant mouth to convince those that see she isn't

  7. So she doesn't wear Halloween costumes on the track …what a shame. I love when ignorance tries to rear it's head toward tradition and the norm as a whole. She deserves to lose every time she does. She can't win when it counts, aside from any character flaws (which her whole character is a flaw)

  8. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨good black men and women don’t get the support they deserve from the black community.😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  9. Richardson does not belong on the world stage as she is only a embarrassment to the sport and human race. I think she is only there to find dates. Actually she belongs working in a massage parlor and I can't believe there are those who support this.

  10. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨the black community appears to have many real issues they refuse to address.😖😖😖😖in order to move the community forward.🙄🙄🙄

  11. I wouldn’t say she can’t get the job done I would say she just hasn’t got the job done in recent times… she’s still very talented and has what it takes given she focuses on her craft and nothing else.

  12. I'll support Sha'carri whenever she decides to show other people the respect they deserve. Sha'carri is beautiful, of course, and she seems to be looking past track to a career as a Kim Kardashian type of celebrity.

  13. I’m with you on this bruh…Sha’carri has maturity issues, nobody needs to act like that. She’s had plenty of opportunities, wasted… now the Jamaican sisters, Frazier-Price and Elaine, both have been gracious, and mature, mad respect for the Jamacians, beauty, poise, graciousness, and oh yeah, they can run…
    You’ve stated the case exactly as I would.

  14. You're on point..the human spirit and the will to win up against adversity affects each individual differently..
    .it comes down to the values and moral support you received while being raised as a child whether it's parents,
    teachers, pastors or other relatives and relationships . . with that said, making excuses and putting people
    down doesn't replace discipline and hard work to achieve your goals. People will gravitate toward and support what
    they can identify with.

  15. Dude, some of y’all are pressed, and this is not good for the black community! This situation occurred forever ago and you’re bringing it up like it’s just happened? OMG, some of y’all cannot grow in life because you’re dancing in the dirt…sad.

  16. Wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if Sha' Carri Richardson got abducted by aliens and was never heard from ever again!!! But they would probably just bring her trifling Arss back to Earth 😒👎🏽

  17. Bro you have spoken truth, we keep dragging the flag that is why we are where we are at as a people and a Community. the battle is tough but we have to keep fighting Bro.

  18. I've been in love with Allyson for years. Ever since i watched her in CIF competition from LA Baptist. I could not get enough of her. She made me shift from watching the field competition to straight up women's sprint battles. Its pure joy to watch a female run faster than most men . As she was on her way out of a stellar career I needed to find another that held that same reverence. I thought i found it in Hannah Cunliffe. Who was smoking girls left and right at Oregon. But she fizzled out. Injuries mostly Not her fault just disappointing. Then i see Sha'. And i thought… here we go. A new star on the horizon. Well, we all know what happened there. Talking sxxt about Felix? You one and done. During that same time i came across youtube vids of Abby and i was HOOKED. She deserves all the accolades that she earns. Looking forward to next season.

  19. Agree with all said bout Sha-carri Richardson 🇺🇲, she needs to hire Bob Kersee, stay off social media, concentrate on her craft 100 200 relays plus have class & humility in winning & losing, actually I believe in her ability but talking smack bout Allison Felix is asinine of Sha-carri Richardson!

  20. DISRESPECTFUL. YOU have no right to even mention Ms. Felix or her achievements when you have done NOTHING or accomplished NOTHING in your field. But Allyson has done it all and retired with the world congratulating her. While you are turning into someone we wish we never met. By the way, jealous much. Grow up child

  21. Circus clown and non achiever running her mouth, needs to wash off with FELIX's bath water for some inspiration, right now she is a total failure, and should be ashamed of it.

  22. Celebrating trash is not exclusive to the black community. Jews got Ben Shapiro, white people got Alex Jones, Asians got K-pop. But it seems to be more prevalent in the black community for glorifying bad behaviour, just because it's "different" from other peoples' behaviour.

  23. U know what… im sooo glad & proud "AS AN AMERICAN" to hear what u just said, I'm gonna give up support… i don't think I've never watched or maybe not noticed any other posts by u before… I don't like watching things that have negative headings or negative things about people who have actually contributed not only to their culture but all cultures & have given dreams to multiple younger generations… Allyson is 100% 1 of those people that has done many positive things for her all cultures for multiple generations… i had to say that again!!!

    For some reason… some black people don't consider other black people as being "black"… soo sad… they would rather be seen as the black people "advertised" on t.v…..


  25. These ladies not even in the same class or on the same level Richardson is just Running headless Ms Allyson Felix has done so much for her country as an athlete and inspire so many ladies all around the world this little girl don't even respect herself so how she's going to respect greatness

  26. She needs help! There is no one around her to give her proper guidance. She more than likely was never taught how to conduct herself in a positive way. She did not have the balanced home life of Allyson Felix or Sydney Mclaughlin. However, she needs to stop showing her ass. She needs to train train harder and talk less. She is so talented and gifted but she is wasting it all. I want to see her succeed so bad. I root for her more than Abby Steiner. You know why? Because she black and I know so many black girls like her crying out for help but don't know how to express it. Let's love on her, pray for her, be positive towards her, and hold her accountable in a respectful way.

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