Sha’Carri Richardson Vows ‘I’m Not Done’ After Disappointing Race

U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson returned to the track over the weekend for the first time since a failed drug test led to her missing the . But the results were not what she had been hoping for. ’s Stephanie Gosk reports for .
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33 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson Vows ‘I’m Not Done’ After Disappointing Race

  1. Who else is here after an Olympic WHITE Russian figure skater was allowed to compete with banned substances in her system (that are known to enhance performance, unlike weed) and won? The people in this comment section saying racism isn’t real are clearly stupid.

  2. Plenty of talented people have been seen fading away in their pride, arrogance, and foolishness. She lost in a race against proven world, Olympic champions. She must learn from them, not show futile arrogance.

  3. I think everyone is a bit rough on her. Yes, she's not the most gracious person but she is very young and a tad immature. She is definitely talented and she needs support, not to be torn down by literally everyone. You can tell she has a lot of heart. I have a feeling she will be back!!!

  4. Her only problem is her pride. It’s okay that she lost. We can’t win all the time. Even with people shading you, and it comes from all the crap talking in advance, you overlook that mess and keep moving forward. This girl is talented, and I know she’s going to regain steam. I know she’s going to get it together. I wish her the best. And to the winners, y’all did that 😊

  5. People still talking about this… well Jamaica…crazy…in the U.S. were talking NFL…and wait Jake Paul won again…and why did American died in Afghanistan…i love track but I love current events more..

  6. She had a much nicer disposition in highschool and college, wrong crowd now…and the big head. She is not a victim, she has caused her own demise. It's just a sport, it's just running.

  7. It's just running, it's just a sport. But if she keeps up with this attitude, her career is over. If she is still smoking weed, she needs to put it down.

  8. That's what happens stay humble and you will stay on top of your game. Lockout all your distractions. Jamaicans are very athletic people as well. They are right up there with us in some sports.

  9. Take the blonde hair out your hair sis, maybe you should be the natural hair texture that you were born with, not having the gold hair on your hair by being someone you not. If you know what I mean 😏

  10. Sha'Carri is done-done, like 350° for 20 minutes done. She'll be at hair school or nursing school after the Jamaicans blow her out at the next Olympics.

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