Women 400m Finals | NCAA Indoor Track & Files Championship 2023

Women 400m Finals | NCAA Indoor Track & Files Championship 2023


31 thoughts on “Women 400m Finals | NCAA Indoor Track & Files Championship 2023

  1. Great races but still behind Femke Bol some days ago and she achieved a new world record. This could be very interesting in future races were both ladies can race each other 🙂

  2. I was surprised the announcer didn't give Wilson the prop she deserves prior to the race. That girl is a TRUE competitor. In the mid-sprints, you've got to dig REAL deep to reach that elite level, and she's proven over and over again, she is the ONE. I'm praying she doesn't burnout come August worlds…

  3. This brings me back to the Femke Bol vs. Sydney McLaughlin debate. The indoor 400m is not an event that Americans focus on indoors (with the exception of collegians). They do a lot of "over and under" racing. Britton Wilson ran 49.4 in a trials/finals format.

  4. I was there for the finals and audience was totally shocked how fast her time was. I don't think anyone expected Britton or anyone to break 50 especially by that much. Incredible!! This was one of several great record breaking races today!!

  5. Is Sydney running the 400 flat this year? And is SMU still running the 400? With Britton and Femke in the mix, we might see some low 48's this year in Budapest.

  6. I thought Britton would get first from her 600 and 800 runs and Little being her training partner. But Diggs getting 3rd I thought 2nd. And Britton running a 49.20 anchor split after this. Just wow How amazing!!!

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