🔥SHOCKING 😮 Sha'Carri Richardson & Elaine Thompson May 28, 2022 at NIKE Prefontain Classic.

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25 thoughts on “🔥SHOCKING 😮 Sha'Carri Richardson & Elaine Thompson May 28, 2022 at NIKE Prefontain Classic.

  1. months ago, Sha Cari lost in first trial in USA trial for world Championship. Now she beat Shericka Jackson and the others american world medalist. Her trainner must be proud, he/she make a great job.

  2. Congrats Sprint Queen lady Elaine Thompson and Shericka Jackson and Bree Bree ..Congress Asher-Smith and TT Terry ,Lady Elaine was like 10 yards away ,but that wasn’t convincing to that female commentator.. She cannot control her biases SMH..congrats Kambundji and Marie Josée Dominique Ta Lou..Imagine if who dem wanted to win had won?

  3. No shade but there is no reason why Richardson's name should be first in this story. She also is not a track superstar yet because she hasn't won anything. Let's give attention to those who are actually winners. When she becomes one of those then hype her up. Until then folks need to chill.

  4. Weise gonna give owners of nike some,fraser speed pryce,thompson speed herah,sherica speed jackson in their faces eheheh ahahaha courtesy of JAMAICA you punks eheheh ahahaha

  5. Hey nikey ,jamaican dont need your endorsements,but we have speed to give anyone nikey backs with it,soooo punks.BRING IT ON, THIS IS A JAMAICAN BET TO NIKEY PUNKS

  6. U all big up Sha carri because she is American but guess what? She lost and there's no place for second best, the Caribbean run things. Put that in alyuh pipe and smoke it.

  7. Shacarri body looks more solid and stronger,i i believe her emotions and mental stability has healed from all the criticism and verbal assaults , now she can focus on what she has to do,like the training ,eating properly, sleeping, and most of all staying of social media.

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