How to Find Your Best Event

In this I reveal how to find the event that is best suited for you and how to make that decision. For the full show go here:

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18 thoughts on “How to Find Your Best Event

  1. What do I do if I enjoy all of it? I love long distance runs but I also love hitting the weights and doing sprint intervals. Would just picking a middle distance be the best of both worlds?

  2. I did the same thing as what Nick did. I was just getting into running and ran a 20:21 5k. A year later I shaved off 3 minutes off my time for a 5k for a total time of 17:24. And now I race half marathons because I grew to love the longer distance

  3. Nick, what about us old guys who aren't in school anymore? I'm turning 31 and I have no idea what event or distance I like best. I entered an admittedly non competitive 8k virtual race and got 3rd out of like 700 people, but my body type heavily suggests I should be in middle distance or shorter. How do I find out what I'm best at?

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