Men's 100m – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

Florida’s starts the race in last place, but kicks into gear in the final 30 meters to stun the competition at the 2022 outdoor championships. Fahnbulleh ran a 10.00, becoming the first Gator to win the in over a decade. Watch the full race here.

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37 thoughts on “Men's 100m – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

  1. Honest question that needs the TRUTH, what happened to Davonte Burnett USC????? He beat Boling in the 60m and beat Micah last year in the 100m where was he at????

  2. Fahnbulleh must have an unreal top speed. Would love to know what it is. Bolt has the record at 27.33 mph but I think that's now under attack. He's always running people down after a comparatively poor start. Someone should put a laser gun on him.

  3. Fahnbulleh really put on the nitrous those last 30m. This kid is freakishly fast. If he cleans up that start, watch out. That’s a potential gold medal talent right there.

  4. We all are thinking it. Fahnbulleh with a great start wins any 100-200 cause he doesn’t have to play catch up and his top end speed is unmatched you won’t catch him once he his that top speed. And he closes on you so fast it’s crazy. Even with a perfect start let’s say you get to your top speed faster with a better start he has less space to close on you so you just better hope he catches a cramp cause you lost the race at that point. With a good start he can have the race won by 50m instead of at the 70-90m mark

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