Men's 200m – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

Florida superstar Joseph dominates the field in the 200m, taking home his second national title at the 2022 outdoor national championships. ran a 19.83, tallying another event win for Florida. Watch the 200m here.

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35 thoughts on “Men's 200m – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

  1. Three different races: JF wins by a great margin to take first. MB and OO fight for second. OO is 3/10ths ahead of the next place. I'm surprised at some of the slower times. Maybe guys were tired from competing. Overall, though, a great race.

  2. On so many of these clips you start off with the picture of the winner, for those who didn't watch the race live this is a big time spoiler. I really wish you would stop doing this, it would make watching these races on Youtube at later dates much more enjoyable.

  3. First, not a sprint guy here, but I'm really struck by how JF comes on by lengthening his stride significantly when he turns it on. Very interesting. And I have to love the exchange when the interviewer asks him if he's going to run in the 4×4. That's the moment with JF's humor comes out…just love it.

  4. Boling only beats Fahnbulleh by being ahead by about 3m off the bend. His start and bend wasn't good enough here and JF ran him down and pulled away as Boling tightened up. I think these two will be racing each other for years to come.

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