Sha'Carri Richardson Need for Speed #shorts #track #running #motivation #female #gymlife

Sha’Carri Richardson Returns to NYC 🗽 # #track # #motivation #female #gymlife


44 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson Need for Speed #shorts #track #running #motivation #female #gymlife

  1. Run Baby Run, i ran track and it's so freeing to be moving around a field, She is FOCUSED, GRACEFUL IN HER STRIDES, SHE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE, Keep Your Head Up Young Lady you have a Gift, Congratulations

  2. Flash in a pan, one hit wonder. She puts more effort into being famous and setting style trends which are hardly even that. She actually has potential but will sadly bever see it cone to fruition because she gets in her own way then proceeds to blsme everything and everyone else

  3. The fact is Sha'carri is still at the bottom of the roster ! She still yet has to win a major event and it's questionable whether she'll qualify for the next Olympics 🤔. And last but not least, Sha'carri can't even come near them female Jamaican runners, they left her in the dust ⚠️.
    Bottom line, Sha'carri 's clock is ticking ⏰ ! She better hurry and run fast before her clock runs out 😄😆.

  4. Keep your foot on their necks baby. You are a major force to reckon with on more levels then you may be able to comprehend right now; cause you living it. Stay focused and you are gonna be an iconic figure in not just black history but history period.

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