Women's 3000m – 2022 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships

Oklahoma State’s took home the women’s 3000m title at the 2022 Indoor Championships. Watch the full race here.

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46 thoughts on “Women's 3000m – 2022 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships

  1. Katelyn still has a lot to learn about actual racing, as opposed to time-trialing, as she readily admits. It would be interesting to look at the key regional and national prelims and finals to see where the top two or three finishers were 1k, 800, 600, 400 and 200 from the finish. I wonder if there are patterns? There must be, even considering pace, the competitors with the best kicks, and so forth.

  2. Anyone notice Touhy & Roe side by side near the back of the pack at the end of the first turn. Plus Roe at the top of the list pre race… I think this is my fav Touhy race…even tho she didn't win. She kept being pushed back in traffic. Cost her. Love Roe's strategic move answer, "I don't know!"

  3. Kaitlyn Tuohy ran an incredible race and came out of nowhere to almost win the race! The announcers hardly mentioned her name at all, the whole time bragging about everybody else except Roe and Tuohy. Great run Kaitlyn

  4. Tuohy turned 20 in March. In August, 2028 she'll be 26. And if her trajectory continues and she follows the pattern for most elite women athletes, she could be close to the peak of her career then. Just so happens the 2028 Summer Olympics are in Los Angeles for the third time (previous LA Olympics were in 1932 and 1984). Book your reservations soon.

  5. "rhythmic running" Translated: I heard someone say that and I think it sounds smart so I am going to say it over and over again even though all runners have a rythym when they run.

  6. What race were these "announcers" commenting on???? It could not have been the one I just watched. Were they watching a different race on a video? Amateur hour up in the booth ruins this video. Watch it again with the sound turned off.

  7. 30 seconds in, and commentators are already talking about lauren gregory who came in 4th the night before but not talking about the freshman katelyn tuohy who finished 2nd

    then it gets worse and worse, not only in this video but also on other races

  8. Roe ran an amazing race and had the guts to hang on with 2 others closing as best they could. I didn't see Roe in the 5000 and that might have helped.

  9. Touhy ran great to place 2nd in the NCAA indoor finals in both the 3k & 5k race. She’s only a freshman. She’ll be in the thick of these races for years to come.

  10. I have NEVER heard anyone say "we're on 9:15 pace, that's extremely slow" on a woman's race where I'm from before haha it was momentarily extremely confusing

  11. that female announcer has no clue. all about lauren gregory, when touhey has as much speed, and superior endurance. i cannot recall a single race where touhey did not prevail between the two.

  12. How are the commentators not even talking about NC State having FOUR of the top 16 runners in the nation in this distance, and they are the NCAA XC National Champions but yet no mention of that.

  13. What a gaffe from beginning to end. Commentator only talks about three people rather than commentating on what’s happening. FAIL. Coverage breaks off in the middle to show one jump from one event (and interview!!??) that could have been shown after. FAIL. Finally, some moron chooses the athletes crossing the line as the thumbnail thus telling us all what happened before we get a chance to watch. SUPER FAIL. Unbelievably bad coverage. Wow.

  14. Touhy was so used to running and dominating from the front in high school. A little more experience on when to make her move will come with time. I predict a lot more championships as she matures.

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