Would Sha'Carri Richardson Have Won The Women's 100m Final At LA Grand Prix?

The much anticipated final of the women’s 100m didn’t happen after Sha’Carri Richardson, Aleia Hobbs and Marie-Josée Ta Lou scratched after the opening round. But who would have come out on top in LA?

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26 thoughts on “Would Sha'Carri Richardson Have Won The Women's 100m Final At LA Grand Prix?

  1. Does not matter because it was just a practice run for them..amd the same for Coleman.. even Coach Glen n dem Jamaicans know they don't have nobody to match Coleman or Browmell

  2. It is horrible because we never see the top athletes against each other, and speaking for myself I am not interested in seeing really great athletes against mediocre ones, and I won't watch until the end of the year season. They need to build interest in the sport by scheduling better match ups so people watch. That will generate interest and money for them all.

  3. How is Sha’Carri not #1 in the US? Aleia didn’t even medal individually at Worlds last year.

    She’s ranked #1 in the US in both the 100m & 200m this season.

  4. Of course she would. Only Hobbs was her competition but their very close since they both went to LSU. They’ll be another chance later

  5. Yall can agree or disagree with me, but I mostly definitely believe that Sha'Carri woulda won that final against Ta Lou. Not taking anything away from Ta Lou because shes just an amazing sprinter and one of the fastest in history like theres no question about it. But I dont think she would matched Sha'Carri's top end speed 🤷🏽. But thats just my opinion

  6. These sprinters should have raced each other, fans show up to the meets to see these athletes run against each other…for them to pull out was a disgrace and it makes it hard for our sport to be taking seriously…

  7. Richardson over Talou…Richardson runs with Mars fire as an Aries ♈. She will proudly tell you today… The road to Gold goes through Jamaica. That's her only focus❗

  8. You mean Sha-No-Show ? lol. 🤣🤣🤣 joke aside, if they pulled out coz of injury, totally understandable as its very early in the season. But if for another non-injury reason, then just DO NOT sign up for the meet – as again its early in the season.

  9. Who cares about “Who would’ve won?” – they didn’t race. Congrats to Morolake Akinosun on her win Saturday – hopefully she will gain from it into U.S. Nationals. 😃

  10. Can Aleia every season pls jump into a couple of 200s like the rest of her 100m rivals?! Her weak 22.93 PB from 2018 is massively overdue an improvement which could in turn benefit her 100m!

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