Wow! Sha'Carri Richardson Opened Up About Her Mistakes Ahead Of The 100m 💎League Final In Zurich

Sha’Carri Richardson IG Live
Shelly-Ann fraser-pryce 100m
Shericka Jackson 100m
Sha’Carri Richardson
Sha’Carri Richardson 2022
Women 100m Final Zurich Diamond League 2022
Zurich Diamond League 2022

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32 thoughts on “Wow! Sha'Carri Richardson Opened Up About Her Mistakes Ahead Of The 100m 💎League Final In Zurich

  1. She looks like a 🤡
    All that mess done to her face and body has ruined her career. The only person who considers her a celebrity, is her. She so fake it’s crazy. She will look back on her career and realize she blew it.

  2. I, sorry I’m black and even I think this girl is immature, nasty and just An embarrassment to our community. Everything about her is so fake all the way down to her disgusting nails

  3. Peace and love 💕 Ms. Sha-Carri girl. You are a Queen and I send you healing and positive energy. Remember the sky is the limit and I got your back girlfriend. Straight Out Of Texas 🐱

  4. I can't stand this ignorant a– black Queen bcuz she has over 1/2 of the black people in America rooting for her but she is choosing Social Media over her craft. She continues to put more time & energy into Instagram instead of that damn Race Track & it's breaking all our heart's bcuz deep down we know she can do better if only she would focus damnit. I refuse to put this much energy into someone who doesn't care about there performance & all the diff distractions which lead to loss after loss. It hurts even more bcuz we know & she damn sure knows that she can do better. If only she would put that damn phone down & truly focus I believe the sky would be her limit & she has the potential to break many records & prove all the naysayers wrong. I refuse to give up just yet so I hope she gets it together very soon.

  5. I was a fan 2 years ago but when she announced she was quitting college I began to wonder about that gamble if it would pay off for her, she is still young, she just wants a good team around her to get her on the right path, she is talented but coming here and just yapping and talking gibberish will not cut it, as Usain bolt sais to her, less yapping and more training

  6. People do this when they realize they’re ratchet mess didn’t get them the desired outcome. Like when you find the lord after a near death experience lol.

  7. She is now out here trying to motivate people. May the Lord continue to guide her. Go be great! Guidance! Get grounded and find your self. God give you grace truth and revelation.

  8. You know…honestly, I wasnt a fan based on some of the comments and tweets and stuff against my people BUT I also know my people went in too cause wi nuh ramp! 😂 But she sends some very positive messages and she is very young (where were u when you were 22?) She is doing her thing and she is very beautiful. Maybe one day in the future you can look at doing motivational speaking but right now mi just a show some respect and blessings to you my girl! You good in my book!

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