20 year old Katelyn Tuohy breaks NCAA 3000m record



39 thoughts on “20 year old Katelyn Tuohy breaks NCAA 3000m record

  1. How exciting watching real women, in real women’s sports…knowing they all trained hard for these competitions, and that it will be won by a real woman..!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. Awesome run by Monson and Tuohy! The American and Collegiate record in one race….awesome! Such a joy to watch such running. It is going to be so exciting to follow Tuohy as her running career continues. Tuohy is not only graceful on the track…she exhibits real class by openly praising Monson like that (not that Monson doesn't deserve it).

  3. we wake up every morning and we are given this whole world set at our feet…. it's up to each & every one of us to place our best foot forward towards the greatest good to create that world given to us into something beautiful & kind i meant to say… in fact, i am simply delighted…. and to be perfectly honest with all my fellow cross-country, track & field fans… is… mother nature sure don't cut any corners when she paints a prettyl little old evenin' like this baby… i'm sippin my coffee & watching 3 races on 3 screens while the doggies run wild out ther e to that little old crick i mean

  4. Touhy cannot cut her hair … I knew she was in the race, obviously, but the lead pack started to separate into two, and then … oh, there she is.

    Absolutely amazing athletes, but Monson … dayumn

  5. The problem with watching track is you don't really have a good visual tracker of how much more or less of the race is left until they ring the bell. I bet it could be a lot more engaging if they had some way to know as the race is going on.

  6. Just one black girl running, anyone else find that sad? So much potential if only given a chance or even aware that it’s possible.
    Not enough money in some schools to even have a cross country or T&F program.
    Obviously not in the schools these girls go to.

  7. Katelyn Hi. Been watching since HS. I hope they don't allow men in the womans races in the Olympics again.
    I personally boycotted the last Olympics over this issue.
    You are Secretariot. I believe in you.

  8. A plethora of good young runners. My own alma mater, Union Cath. HS in Scotch Plains, NJ, has produced Sydney McGlaughlin….that's a big advance from my days of trying to run freshman track, & tripping over a guy in front of me who paused to lean over to tie his shoes. That showed me that my athletic prowess would not be in running.

  9. Great race! Although I’d love to have heard the announcer as they raced. The ladies in this video talked the entire time and it was hard to hear the actual race announcer

  10. She would definitely beat me in a race and I would be running out of breath! She must have very strong 💪🏾 lungs 🫁 and a good vo2 max oxygen intake capacity.

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