Katelyn Tuohy wins Women's 1500m @ ACC Outdoor Track & Field Championships 2022

Sophomore takes the race from the start to finish, splits 48 67 66 63 to win the ACC 1500m title!! A 6-second PR! Katelyn doubled back for the 5000m and finished 2nd!!

video credits to sir nelson carter for the full race + interview video

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47 thoughts on “Katelyn Tuohy wins Women's 1500m @ ACC Outdoor Track & Field Championships 2022

  1. The ease with which she pulled this off is incredible. EVERY other runner was completely gassed and she was as smooth at the finish as she was at the start.

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  3. Katelyn tuohy เธอ เป็นเทพธิดา
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  4. husband speaking age 80, I love the respect Miss Tuohn shows to runners from other teams and always goes to her own
    team and hugs or greets them. What an amazing young lady.

  5. Tuohy's game face at .02 seconds in is inspirational. After the race is over she will be the sweetest most angelic young lady you could ever meet.

  6. She makes me wish i had went into running and cross country in highschool.
    Running is such a human thing.
    Its the oldest or most ancient practical thing that kept us alive for thousands of years.
    Runners were the elite and were the messengers of anything happening in the kingdom. They were the ones who warned of danger.

  7. If Ms Touhy continues her dominance, I hope she doesn't cut her hair, that mane bouncing and swinging as it does will be an iconic piece of history,
    Just as Abby Steiner has that unique arm swing which in itself will become iconic with continued success, it will be remembered

  8. Survival as well as winning, depends on focus, determination, and perseverance. And this young lady has them all !! Such an incredibly strong competitor, so effort less. No sign of fatigue.

  9. Katelyn put the grimace on second place Maudie….awesome to see her continuing her great success in college 👏 👍….also always a pleasure seeing the women athletes compete regardless of where they may place….showing up counts a LOT in my book and having run high school track and many road races after High school I have to admit many of these young women would have whoopped me 🙂..
    You go girls ! 👍

  10. Katelyn, you are doing so Good. Keep up the Great work. Love watching you run. Takes me back to my cross country and track days in high school. Go Wolfpack!!

  11. I saw a race that Katelyn was so fast in she had time to walk off the track and go near the stands. If you hadn't watched the start of the race you would have thought they were 2 separate races because the other girls came across like 20 seconds later.

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