Men's 200m – 2022 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships

of NC A&T finished first in the at the 2022 Championships with a time of 20.46. Watch both heats here. Georgia’s Matthew Boling, a favorite in this race, DQd in the second session.

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32 thoughts on “Men's 200m – 2022 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships

  1. For as much as you hear about Boling you’d swear he was the one doing the ass kicking but he is more often than not getting his ass kicked by the top guys lol.

  2. Boling should have turned pro after last season. He got burned out by the Olympics and ran on dead legs. The same thing is going to happen in the Worlds this year, too, the way he's going.

  3. Matt doesn't have good top end speed because he stuggles at the end of each race,he runs the 60,200,400 open,400 relay and long jump this is to much,to compete at a world class level he should drop to 2 events indoors the 60 and 200 so he won't be burnt out when the championships roll around,I don't think the coach is looking out for the well being of her star athletes but more on winning a championship,the young man had nothing left in the tank he was running on natural ability

  4. My goodness. Why so much hate for the young man in 2nd? You can celebrate the winner without talking down on people. You should want all these athletes to do great. It only furthers the sport.

  5. The problem i see with Bolling is overtraining. He's in way too many events all over the board & for what…team points? If this young man wants a real future in Track…he needs to walk away from Georgia & seek professional help… otherwise Georgia will ruin his career…period…and that would be a shame.

  6. Whole comment section FULL of excuses. Yall making every excuse in the book for Matthew…Again! At the end of the day, he lost. Period. It doesn't matter if he was tired, if he's hurt, if if wasn't his best time this year, IT DOES NOT MATTER. He lost. He didn't run faster than the man in front of him. Y'all have an excuse for him every time he comes up short. He's a great young sprinter but he's not there yet. Give Javonte his damn credit; Javonte is consistently great too

  7. Dude is burnt out. He trips over his own feet @ 5:22. What elite sprinter accidentally drags their foot on the ground!? And not only that, you can see it in his body language. Not to mention the TERRIBLE event officiating probably didn't help. I am rooting for the guy but he needs to do less events, rest, and not feel the need to carry all of UGA on his back. He can still become "the guy", but gotta be smart. Grats to Harding though, dude's a beast.

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