Men's Mile – 2022 NCAA indoor track and field championships

’s Mario Garcia Romo ran to a first-place finish with a time of 4:07:54 in the men’s mile final at the 2022 Championships. Watch the full race here.

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46 thoughts on “Men's Mile – 2022 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. If Basten was in a better position and wasn’t blocked off he definitely could have got a better position maybe even third or second.

  2. honestly after all the incredible records and fast times over the past year, it was kind of refreshing to see a tactical race. i was very excited watching this finish with all of those runners sprinting down the stretch… all of them in contention to win

  3. Damn, Romo controlled the race from the start. That is not easy to do. The overall time was slow, but they all-out sprinted the last 300 yards.

  4. Dwight Stones, the Vin Scully of track and field. Remember you from the Olympics and seeing you around town in Long Beach. Just keep going, you sound great!

  5. Kipsang is way overrated tbh. Everyone always talks ab him then he gets 7th or 8th while guys like issac who’s an emerging talent doesn’t get mentioned till the end who is racing and running way better I general

  6. If you run for a university in the united states, at that point you should be disqualified from running for any other country in international competition, FOREVER!

  7. An absolutely impressive move by Basten. Given the way the race played out, the strength of his kick put him in contention. Watch this guy in upcoming seasons!

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