NEW! Sha'Carri Richardson Beats Elaine Thompson Herah At Luzern Athletics Meet 2022

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Sha’Carri Richardson Beat At 2022

We love ❤️ Track around here! I will be back to posting more content ! Stay tuned!


44 thoughts on “NEW! Sha'Carri Richardson Beats Elaine Thompson Herah At Luzern Athletics Meet 2022

  1. For all myy fellow FBA were around during Jackie Joyner Kersey and Flo-Jo era you know the opponents we very arrogant to them as well. They're trying to use Sha'Carri as a Proxy for FBA. Watch and see all the comments on different Channels showing her.

  2. Y’all believe that set up shit if you want too. Lol that race wasn’t shit that mean nothing. Jamaican just running close to see where she at cause Richardson is giving her all 100%. Olympic time all gas no breaks

  3. ShaCAR 🚘 went to the MECHANIC SHOP👨‍🔧,& installed a BRAND NEW TURBO ENGINE,& came BACK like a POUN a CHICKEN BACK,& BEAT ELAINE 🏁 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

  4. A win is a win 🤷🏾‍♂️ but that time still stinks lol all there times were down because of weather. This just shows if everyone has a bad day, and the weather is bad she can win. Don’t shop at this hype store

  5. This is the third video I have watched of this ……why is it the hosts of the videos all seem to have this under current of low key hate she beat the fastest woman

  6. Now, I'm going to be straight up honest with you. I was a hater only because she kept talking, and no producing.
    I said a month ago when she was talking about giving runners some respect and privacy.
    I just wanted her to shut up and let her actions do her talking.
    Great job on beating the fastest woman on earth.
    Continue to train .

  7. A year ago Shacarri came in last place after losing her mom, while Elaine got 1st place with the 2nd fastest time in the same race.Everyone laughed at Shacarri and drug her through the mud saying that her career was over. Since then she's beaten Shericka, and Elaine getting 1st place. Im proud of her mental toughness and not giving up or allowing failures and the bashing from others to bring her down.

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