Steiner storms to 200m victory | Continental Tour Gold 2023

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40 thoughts on “Steiner storms to 200m victory | Continental Tour Gold 2023

  1. The other runners should have congratulated her after the race and displayed good comraderie. That normally happens. I was disappointed that they treated Abby this way. Very uncalled for.

  2. She runs a 22 second and you have a minute plus video where you cut half her race out! 😆😂😂😝😝😝😂😆😆😂😂😝😝😆 What a 🤡.

  3. I deeply resent that loathsome microphone stuck in the athlete’s face while they’re still trying to recover from an event. Is it so urgent that we have to get them talking right away? There ought to be a policy…

  4. She always checks to make sure her pony tail is still there when she finishes a race, to make sure she did not out run it and leave it behind. LOL! 🤣

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