The Sad Truth About Sha'Carri Richardson. She's DONE!

Sha’carri did well in the 200M, but once again fell short of expectations when she lost the ’s 100M and getting ELIMINATED in the 1st round. Here is the truth Sha’carri . #shacarririchardson #womens100m #blackexcellence

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33 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Sha'Carri Richardson. She's DONE!

  1. That fact that she went on national TV with the fire alarm beeping in the background smh. She looked worse and weak minded for saying she was going thru something and chose weed and her outlet. Nobody want to sponsor someone like that come on girl.

  2. Sha'carri Richardson is washed up I'm with you on that, but all your other talking points are just TRASH on this topic bruh. Sha'carri Richardson is washed up because she identifies as an urban modern THOT black woman in America. She loves attention not track and field, and excelled in the beginning because of the attention. Now she realizes she can get attention through her looks and sex appeal

  3. Too many people caught up with this is who I am and not wanting the change for better, yeah it can be who you are, but you’ll let it be the detriment of who you can be

  4. Thanks for the video. It’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY. Taking accountability is how we become better people. I have faith in Shacarri but she needs someone to hold her accountable to keep her attitude in check.

  5. She don't understand you have to train hard your not running against chicks from around the way these are professional athletes she don't have the discipline bro so I think your right she's done

  6. Definitely not a role model, you can take the girl out of the ghetto. but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl , I thought the jamaican girls had class, they didn't have to showboat, they just ran fast

  7. Can we all admit that I was right that she was DONE from the moment she met Elaine Thompson-Herrah and Shellyann Fraser-Pryce on the track?

    That girl was a terrible representation of Afro-America. Afro-American women should have been “checking” her, instead, a lot just encouraged her trash behavior…because they wanted to be able to act like trash without accountability…I’m telling you, once the hood got WiFi we were in trouble…all the ignorant opinions that used to be confined to the pissy staircases in the projects were now front and center being broadcasted across the world…giving women like Sha’carri empowerment, not to aspire for greatness, but to behave poorly and then blame RESPECTABILITY POLITICS.

    Sha’carri is the embodiment of so much of what is wrong with our community. I mean look at how she presented herself: blonde wig and garden rake eye lashes…imagine a white woken doing an interview with a full AFRO….or imagine a “Black” man walking around with flowing white-boy hair (blonde)…those two would be scorned…but we’re supposed to act like what Sha’carri is doing is a good thing.

    I wish her the best in her upcoming Only fanz phase…she can thank her supporters for leading her down this path…hopefully they’ll buy a jpeg of her running toes.

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