Was Doha The Best Race Of Sha'Carri Richardson's Career?

Richardson ran 10.76 to defeat a tough field in the Diamond League opener.


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13 thoughts on “Was Doha The Best Race Of Sha'Carri Richardson's Career?

  1. Right now … only two more strong runners — Mama Rocket and Elaine Thompson-Herah — have yet to race against Sha Carri. For now, early or not, infact it is not early anymore — World in Budapest is like tomorrow so to speak. To all of us around the world who are Sha Carri's diehard fans, it is not about her clocking a 10.48 or lowet this year, it is all about her BEATING the Jamaicans ONE BY ONE. One down, two to go! Go Sha Carri! @itskerrii @carrichardson

  2. Relatively recent subscriber, appreciate narrative that puts things in perspective, but ultimately here to watch races not comentators. All the best

  3. Where's the talk about Fred Kerley walking down the whole world-class field in the final 50 of the 200??? When's the last time anyone did that but Lyles?

  4. I kinda agree about most impressive. She's looked average at best in international meets so this means some form of corner has been turned for her, which is very good to see. She looks good, no drama, focused, ready to run her race and confident in it. I'd say if anything was most impressive it was that confidence in running her race, not getting caught up in the fast starters or the prospect of not being first but following her plan.

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