Women's 4×100 – 2021 NCAA track and field championship

In a photo finish between USC and LSU, the Trojans came out victorious in the 4×100 relay, winning by a margin of only .02 seconds.

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32 thoughts on “Women's 4×100 – 2021 NCAA track and field championship

  1. Everyone is talking about the dropped baton, but can we pause for a moment and recognize that holding your arm behind you at right angles to your body for five steps is a really lousy way to accelerate? When oh when are people going to start using the underhand exchange method like the Japanese? It's faster, more consistent, easier to learn, and safer….

  2. High school state qualifying time is a 42.82 that’s stupid fast if you see them run up close these woman train hard AF to get to that level of speed and coordination

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