Women's 4×400 – 2022 NCAA indoor track and field championships

won the Women’s 4×400 at the 2022 Championships behind a dominant final leg from Britton Wilson. Watch the full relay here.

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26 thoughts on “Women's 4×400 – 2022 NCAA indoor track and field championships

  1. Randolph Ross and Trey Cunningham plus Grace Stark/Parker in the 60mH were the standouts seen. Honorable mention to 60m women's winner too. Come back strong Kember Nelson!!

  2. Kentucky anchor literally looked like she had given up and was settling for second, but didn't even push for that. Big difference between not having any gas left and just letting off the gas. A&M's girl outran her legs and should have just tried to hold on till she passed the baton. Abby should have been the anchor for Kentucky. Arkansas's 3rd and 4th legs were tremendous as were Texas a&m's 1st and 2nd legs.

  3. So we just gonna act like Arkansas’ runner didn’t hit and knock down the A&M runner. Arkansas should be disqualified. And the announcers are not good at their jobs.

  4. It looks like Steiner's arm swing is fixed on the 400. That's probably because there's not as much force put in to the event as opposed to 100 and 200. Maybe she should experiment just a bit on the 400 this season. Just run it once to see how good she is.

  5. Are you kidding me!? Kentuckys anchor leg was terrible. She lost the lead, then slowed down at the end and allowed the long horns to snag second place, that’s ridiculous! They should’ve put Steiner as the last leg. I really can’t believe Miles slowed down at the finish line🤦🏿‍♀️

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