2019 Bowerman Winner, Sha'Carri Richardson

’s Sha’Carri Richardson was named the 2019 winner of The Bowerman. She stunned the world by clocking a collegiate-record breaking 10.75 for the NCAA 100 meter outdoor crown. She was the youngest winner in award history.


14 thoughts on “2019 Bowerman Winner, Sha'Carri Richardson

  1. Wow Black Is Beautiful and strong 💪. What an athlete blessed with such a special talent. She gonna be a Superstar as long she stays humble. We love you Sha Carri we're a fan and very happy for yah girl..God bless and keep winning

    We looking forward to see you in the prestigious Olympics

  2. I love Her!!!… she will be the one to watch… now that Felix, I’m sure will be retiring soon. In my opinion- But ugh I love Richardson’s work ethnic 💖💖💖

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