2022 DI women's NCAA cross country championship | FULL RACE

NC State’s was the first to cross the finish line in 19:27.7. Tuohy used a final kick to surpass Florida’s Parker Valby over the final 1K and secure the win. N.C. State women won the women’s 2022 NCAA women’s . Watch the full 6k race from the 2022 DI women’s championship.

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24 thoughts on “2022 DI women's NCAA cross country championship | FULL RACE

  1. Im not a runner but before a race my father told me to run at my pace and not stop because i would burn out if i started fast like everyone else. Went from last place to 3rs.

  2. That guy commentator is Katelyn Touhy’s hater. She underestimated Touhy’s comment that she loved hills. You are wrong dude. Who has the last laugh now. Booyah!’

  3. I just watched this again for about the 30th time. Like a Moliere play, each time you see it, you learn more, the definition of a masterpiece. I have been wondering. Even though Parker took off and had as much as a 15 sec lead at one time, KT controlled this race all the way. At 4K Parker was going away while Katelyn was setting an honest pace. You could tell it was a good pace because there at least 50 in a tight pack right behind her. I suspect her objective was to time several things. How much leash to give Parker to run on that she could then pull in? What pace would keep her Wolfpack together, especially the interchanging 5th, 6th and 7th, who she knew could be the decisive players? Could giving the field a comfortable pace work against the Pack, vs knowing that they focus relentlessly on their kicks? And then, let's face it, picking up Tyynisimaa was brilliant. I think that move by Henes was to partly make up for Kelsey's likely graduation and/or Katelyn turning pro, although I don't think she will. If Kelsey can work a way to remain as a post-grad runner (I think it's possible) the Pack will be unbeatable, unless Oklahoma gets a couple and or Alabama get some world class transfers and/or freshmen.

  4. Amazing to see Katelyn develop such strong kick, she never had a chance to develop this kind of kick in HS because she was so fast at such a young age and she easy gaps and laps every field as a high schooler. Great to see her continue to improve and just get stronger! Smarter too!

  5. Katelyn Touhy won that like Craig Virgin won the IAAF World Cross Country Title in 1980 with an incredible kick at the end. Congratulations, you deserve it.

  6. Going out quick and hard is school level basic running until a college coach instils smarts. And if one can run fast in kms 3-4 one can save that speed until kms. 5-6. Metal attitude and belief is paramount.

  7. Great race-terrible announcers! Spouts of meaningless commentary and no enthusiasm when Tuohy takes the lead at the pinnacle point of the race after running down that HUGE gap with 500m to go!

  8. Man i wish you guys would shut up I don’t know how the director is but the person should be fired worse-camera angles ever
    What’s with the drone camera 500 hundred ft and the shot from 3-500 ft front or back I’m baffled just who did you blow for your job
    ESPN 2or3 no wonder no watches your programming bring back corn hole match or bowling what a waste

  9. Nice race, congratulations to all, however, The only thing that’s cross country about this race is the hills, it not exactly like trail running, true trail running isn’t always about speed but about navigating a rolling rough obstacle course, requiring strength and endurance, avoiding ruts and rocks etc etc…

  10. Parker ran a much longer race than the others, way out in the center instead of close to the inside curves. Similar to running a track race in Lane 8. She may have conserved energy and won the race without the extra distance. Congratulations to Katelyn! Thanks for the coverage.

  11. The commentors are clueless about Tuohy but they are about to find out how good she is. Valby gets beeter on the hills and she'll challenge Tuohy.

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