Athletics Diamond League Monaco 2022 BBC Coverage HD

Athletics Diamond League Monaco 2022 BBC Coverage HD


45 thoughts on “Athletics Diamond League Monaco 2022 BBC Coverage HD

  1. paulo sergio milita çomadaté de aviá de çasaás da bridaijé de cobate gérar merguilado ipeixiçado allto omar iosiano parabei sou dado ta aprovado rio de janeio marinha brasilela

  2. Thank you -wonderful coverage by the BBC as always, and thank you for the upload. Pity about the really horrible over amplified music though – why do they do that ??????

  3. Yeah, nice race but what drug is it that every single one of those girls is on? You know anyone who has been addicted to drugs or who hangs around anyone who is addicted to drugs as a drug recovery assistant would know just by looking at those girls that they are on drugs look how shiny and wide their eyes are look t the size of their pupils?

  4. Last year when Elaine was winning, it's as if Shelly _Ann was bashed and ignored. They said a new broom was sweeping Shelly took the embarrassing situation, when away and come back with vengeance! Because most people did not give Shelly any credit for her hard work over the years. It was all about Elaine, I big up Elaine then but I did not forget Shelly Ann. Now It's pay back time for Shelly . Sprinting is like horse racing the one in front who seems to be leading and look as if he will win, surprisingly enough a 🐎 horse from way behind can gallop and pass him. That's how sprinting is. That's why now Shelly will hugged Sherika and I don't see Elaine around. They let Shelly feel bad last year as if she didn't exist. Revenge!

  5. They Two Jamaican Who I See Can Change gear In Lost Twenty Meter ??? Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce And the Young princess Tina Clayton She Can Change In Lost Two Meter And Out Finish Anyone ??.? We Have Eyes In Our Head. So we See Her Making Her Own History So Go Baby Go Can You Stop Them Go Baby Go

  6. I am former male sprinter and I know that it's difficult for most fit males to run 10s in 100m but you have women clocking it.

    I know how biological women run and appreciate the beauty in it ☺️

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