Katelyn Tuohy at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2022

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29 thoughts on “Katelyn Tuohy at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2022

  1. I remember when she was in Highschool and running like a College Track athlete and like she was always happy at the end of race first to win before she would always turn to her Teammates and hugs and kisses.And she would hug or something else for the rest of Young Ladies on the track or Cross Country.My daughter was a big time favorite and meet with her at the Mall of America for the Footlocker Champion and my daughter was a part of the other plus plus???

  2. Doe KT have any NIL deals? I have some NCSU Joan Benoit cards from her Olympic Gold. Would love some cards (signed if possible) of KT and the entire team. Just asking because she has thousands of fans and deserves to make a buck or so.

  3. Click bait! The video is way too short and the music is inappropriate. It's a rip off of Katelyn Tuohy's achievement.

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