Matthew Boling Drops A Ridiculous Time || 2023 Texas Relays

Times are getting faster and faster in 2023.
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Special Thanks to Maddie.av from UGA for the great shots:
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46 thoughts on “Matthew Boling Drops A Ridiculous Time || 2023 Texas Relays

  1. TRP never stops carrying water for this broad. She wins he’s gushing all over her. She comes in dead last she still somehow warrants being the focus of her own video. Smdh. Now waiting for a ‘Matthew Boling Situation’ video if there isn’t already one.

  2. the first runner ran a 43.8 Matthew ran a 45.17 3rd leg ran a 44.03 and the anchor ran a 45.82. I did perfect pauses for the handoffs and that's what I found.

  3. He will be a great collegiate runner. Unfortunately, 10.2 isn’t going to get you to any world championship. 21.7 is not even a finalist in the NCAA championships. 43.85 is a relay split, nothing more. He’s running consistent Michael cherry numbers (another overrated runner). Hey, run 44.8 and that’s great — for college. That won’t make worlds.

  4. His time is ridiculously slow, almost a second off record pace, some of his peers are racing against adults, he is faster than me of course but he doesn't look like he will have a professional career,

  5. It seems that every day something Total Running Productions posts something that is ridiculous, impossible, fantastic, superhuman, etc.. Every day great things happen. Eventually I see Total Running Productions exclamations as meaningless. It is simply a situation in which great athletes are running times in a manner exactly as they are expected to run. Such high expectations are expressed, but outcomes are exactly as should be expected.

  6. I’m surprised you’re quoting a 2nd leg split at all. The variance is pretty wide so I don’t think a sub 44 split can really be read into especially with Godwin leading off

    6:30 it must also be considered because of the lead he’s been given and the lack of stagger with the cut in, he ran it alone. This can vastly influence his running as you mentioned. His ability to relax is totally different in an open with a habitual stagger so when you combine that with a running start, everyone open runner knows how this is just a totally different race. He’d never be alone until 280meters at best.

  7. Looks like Elijah was much faster than Matthew. He didn't get a running start and passed the baton sub-44 seconds and they averaged 44.25 together

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