Sha’Carri Richardson IS ON FIRE 🔥 | 100M | 2022 | TrackandField | #track #viral #shorts #fyp

Shacarri Richardson Raced her heart out!
I cant wait to see what else she will Accomplish 2022


29 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson IS ON FIRE 🔥 | 100M | 2022 | TrackandField | #track #viral #shorts #fyp

  1. Sha'Carri Richardson??? From where is this name??? On fire??? Yes.. too much time on fire is freerom INSIDE.. OUTSIDE, ME HERE, THE SAME EVERYDAY. SOLUTION?? TO FEEL. WAKE UP!! HOW??? JESÚS?? WHERE??? S. O. S.

  2. Dios las bendiga mi niña un abrazo y un beso para ustedes me encanta me encanta cómo correr felicitaciones que Dios las bendiga que seas la mejor esperanza Ferreira Mendoza Argentina un abrazo los anoté sus nombre en el libro de la vida

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