Sha'Carri Richardson ROASTED After She Gets KICKED OFF OFF Plane For Recording Flight Attendant!

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American star Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off an American Airlines flight following an altercation with a flight attendant on Saturday, she posted on her Instagram.

The 23-year-old claimed the flight attendant, whom Richardson identifies as “John,” disrespected her while she was speaking on her phone prior to takeoff. She posted video of herself in her seat before panning to the flight attendant.

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21 thoughts on “Sha'Carri Richardson ROASTED After She Gets KICKED OFF OFF Plane For Recording Flight Attendant!

  1. Maybe the flight attended can get life in prison. Have all of the people removed from the plane. Maybe the first Piolet or the Captain should be removed too this way you can fly yourself to fantasy land.

  2. I've never heard of people getting kicked off of Airplanes, never heard of any shit like this. Black are horrible passengers, on buses, Trains, and now Planes! How does this shit happen. I grew up playing with basketball withl black people and I know a lotof this shit is to act out and be fools because of their hatred of white people, that's basically what this is about, just being spiteful had everything to do with this project behavior. Eventually this will bring down a commercial Airline. God help us!

  3. A “superstar“ getting kicked off the plane, while the regular people are staying on the plane for having regular common sense.

  4. This is what avoiding accountability for your own actions looks like. "I felt threatened" why is it always these rude aggressive entitled folks always try to play the victim after?

  5. Weed Richardson…GET OFF MY PLANE!!!!!!!!!Girl get off the plane you holding us up and you smell like skunk weed. Sorry to tell you this but your not a super star.

  6. I don't think he jumped in the video. She turned the phone and he was there. And, making a video on a plane….why do you expect privacy?
    That being said, I still don't think she should've been removed. I like that, though she was wrong about the video, she wasn't acting like some ghetto fool and she did exit.
    But evidence? He didn't "jump" in anything. She is also a "regular" person who could NOT buy a private plane or she would have been on one, lol.

  7. "He was all up in my face and I felt threatened"… then "unprofessional"…. LOL Stop it. She escalated things and didn't get her way.. end of story. Pretty childish and narcissistic. "Yall have no idea…." No, they do. LOL

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