Wiley & Acho react to Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension for marijuana use | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho discuss Sha’Carri Richardson being suspended from the US Olympic team after testing positive for .

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Wiley & Acho react to Sha’Carri Richardson’s suspension for use | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself


37 thoughts on “Wiley & Acho react to Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension for marijuana use | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. I was actually really impressed by this segment. Really really smart points brought to the table. Completely agree with you have to adhere to stupid rule. Also the point they made about race is also so true my god.
    I know this is an old segment but I didn’t even know about the specifics of the testing. Bruh if the stuff stays in your system for a month then you literally can cycle that stuff EAAAAASYYYY.

  2. Wiley ✋🏾Only Compassion for my Sis. I have complete and total empathy for her. And I am still livid that she didn’t get the opportunity to compete at The Olympics. You just mentioned 3 Black Athletes but it’s not racial, Acho✋🏾 I can hardly ever get through you all’s entire segment. It feels like two Tin Men talking to each other. Where is your heart? No we won’t separate the emotional pull bc human beings were created to feel, love, emote. These takes are just too insensitive and privileged. If society went according to this rigidity we would still be using white and black facilities, have no civil rights, and immigrants wouldn’t be able to be citizens. Rules & Laws must ALWAYS be reevaluated as we evolve. “Marijuana should not be legal in sports” 🤦🏾‍♀️ that’s it I tried, switching off lololol.

  3. Back in the day I smoked Sticky Icky Icky everyday all day once I started this new job that does random drug test I immediately stopped I went on vacation for 4 weeks the first day I came back they gave me a random drug test go figure

  4. So if prayer(which ShaCarri does right there a the start line every race) and meditation eases an athlete’s “anxiety” then those are illegal performance enhancers? What about “stress relieving” health diets??? Idiots.

  5. WTH🙄 since when did “anxiety” become a direct legally related factor to physical performance of ANY athlete let alone track athlete. That’s the dumbest sht I’ve ever heard. Idiots.

  6. Who are they to determine or make assumptions concerning ShaCarri loosing her mom. If she said she smoked because of pain of loosing her mom…..that should be the end of conversation. She never said she "felt like she had a pass to do what she wanted" because of loosing her mom. You can't compare loosing your Mom to ShaCarri's. You are speaking on someone else's situation……..someone you DO NOT know at all. THAT alone make YOU wrong. You have NO room…..no AUTHORITY to Judge anyone. That's called BASHING and BULLYING

  7. Oh my gosh where have I been .Just found you guys love love your podcast. People that speak the truth finally. New subscriber.

  8. These 2 guys is the only American who talk the truth and know the jamaican sprinter wasn't a walk over she and everyone else think the jamaican sprinter was going to lay down and let her win

  9. They didnt catch Michael Phelps until later on . I think they hate it when certain black phenoms become a little bit too cocky then they gotta slow you down and shut you up .

  10. She didn't know her biological mother. Her biological mother didn't raise her. Richardson lied to cover selfishness and stupidity and narcissist behavior.

  11. The purpose of the drug test is for performance enhancing drugs. If marijuana is not a performance enhancement drug the drug test has gone beyond its scope of existance and she was eliminated unjustly.

  12. She's young and made a mistake that I'm sure she's learnt from. But I find the maríjúana ban stupid, it's not performance enhancing and the state she smoked it in its legal. Yeah they got their rules but it's archaic from a bygone era.

  13. I Disagree with Marijuana Being an Enhancer- It’s Doesn’t Give U Super Powers, But Rather it’s Balances Ur Chemical State… THC isn’t for everybody, But for some ppl It can Regulate their Cannabinoids Receptors in the Brain, Jus like Coffee isn’t for Everyone but it can Bring Balance if used correctly.. these are not drugs but Rather Stimulants

  14. I have seen where ganga makes a man run like 10 men together…no one could catch him to tie him n take him to the Dr…this is a bad substance for Athletes to use…to legalize it, it will be bad for the sport that we love dearly…

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