Women's 400m hurdles – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

Arkansas’ dominated the field in the 400m hurdles, finishing with a time of 53.86 to win a national title at the 2022 outdoor championships. Watch the full 400m hurdles here.

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10 thoughts on “Women's 400m hurdles – 2022 NCAA outdoor track and field championships

  1. Will be completely shocked if Britton Wilson doesn't make the US 400mH WC Team in a couple of weeks especially as there are 4 slots available given Dalilah's Bye as defending champ! But she's also good enough to make the 400m flat team – tough decision to make!

  2. Photo of the winner in the thumbnail EACH time ?
    Stupid or sadistic 🤔 ?
    I wonder…
    Hard to imagine someone at the NCAA making that choice AND people around saying " Yep ! Great idea ! Keep up the good work …"
    As Einstein said, " I know 2 things that are infinite : space and stupidity !"

  3. Wow!! Anna Hall is just off-the-chart gorgeous, but let me focus on Track. For Anna to be a near-record setting heptathlete and compete in 400m hurdles demonstrates she's got remarkable work ethic. With Athing, Sydney, Abby Steiner, American Women's T&F is looking really good… if Sha'Carri continues to improve, look out my Jamaican friends, the U.S. is coming back to snatch its crown.

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