Cal Baptist Coach Adam Tribble Before The 2023 NCAA Cross Country Championships

“Five years after transitioning through the ranks to become a Division I program, the Cal Baptist University men’s cross country team has qualified for the NCAA national meet. The CBU women did it a year earlier, and qualified again this year. Both squads did so in a less traditional way than many universities: through the recruiting of international athletes.

But CBU did its international recruiting in a much different way than we traditionally see – their top seven men are from seven different countries. And they’re not those already ubiquitous in the American system like Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, or England. The seven are from Uruguay, Latvia, Lithuania, Argentina, South Africa, Colombia, and Chile. The varsity women are also from seven different countries from each other and in total, their roster is about as diverse as the United Nations with 22 nationalities represented. Can you imagine what a team potluck must be like?”

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