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    be careful with the mat, fallen from a car. The thing is that they basically littered the parking with their mats. Also you are taking a risk by announcing a heist in the internet, and you don't know who found it, and why take a risk for a 20 dollars shitty mat.

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    You guys are only thinking about how the US this will probably affect some of the smaller countries a lot more. Some countries have never had an athlete break 10 seconds lol. We could end with a situation where there's barely any of the smaller countries present which would be a shame.

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    I feel like relying more on rankings kind of ruins some of the benefits of increasing the standards. For some events I think it makes more sense to be based on times than rankings. For throwing or events where the outcome is heavily dependent on the conditions and there is no legal limits then I think rankings makes sense, for sprints I feel like leaning more on times makes sense. If they want to encourage rankings I hope the indoor events contribute to the rankings.

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    No comparison between remote and together- face to face.The dynamics of the face to face are way better. Gordon: enough with the mat. Who gives a shit? Have you ever met a concentration camp survivor? There are still a few around. Talk to one. Your perspective on what is important and what is not will change. As they say, GET A LIFE, dude. Talk to me about Keili McCabe and Katelyn Tuohy. That's what you're good at.

    Signing off today after 11:55. Zelensky in Washington. Donald's taxes. Santos the fictional Long Island congressman-elect. What Katelyn had for dinner (we know that already – broccoli). Other fish to fry, to coin a phrase. I'll try again tomorrow. And by the way, dudes, thank you for you really good commentary, and for holding up your end of the FloTrack deal. Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukah etc. and best wishes to you and FloTrack for a healthy, successful and prosperous New Year.

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    World Athletics is the most poorly run of all governing bodies and Seb Coe needs to step down. Those standards are going to play to European and American athletes, considering that's where most of the continental tour meets are.

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