2024 Paris Olympic Showdown: Bol vs. McLaughlin for Gold

“Sprinting Showdown: Femke Bol vs. Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone – A Clash of Titans” In the exhilarating of and field, …


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  1. 1

    WOW. the Sydey fanboys clearly feel attacked and are scared! So they start shouting all the louder that "Sydney is faster"… But by current standings Femke has just run 3 WR's in a row on the flat whereas Sydney still is 1.14 seconds above her WR. Soooo…..

  2. 2

    Lol!! Sydney is faster and has beaten Bol by a large margin in every race they faced off in. And.. They are literally the same age, only a few months apart 😂😂😂 so “the young Bol is up and ready to beat the old competition!” What is old competition if her competition is the same age, better, & holds the world records in the 400m hurdles???? 😂😂😂

    Seems like hype & favoritism from the media train.

    Sydney is coming for GOLD! Good luck to anyone else trying to step up.

  3. 4

    The commentator calls Bol "the young phenom". Maybe their approach to the sport makes Bol look much younger than McLaughlin, but the age difference is only half a year. What really sets them apart (besides the Olympic and WC results so far) is the fact that Bol can and will compete throughout the season (and often win), while McLaughlin chooses her races very carefully. I still expect a strong showing for McLaughlin in the Paris Olympics, but I am afraid that she will say goodbye to track and field soon. Two extraordinary talents….

  4. 5

    Sydney is doing the 400 flat, Femke the 400 hurdles and I don’t think Sydney will risk switching back to 400 h. That is, with her injury in your mind, a too big risk.
    So because Femke will not do 400 flat outdoor (other then relay) they will not race one to one this year.

  5. 9

    Hey Man, the Indoor Season is not ever over yet. Haven't you heard Glasgow 2024 is a World Championship. And it's just around the corner somewhere. Let us just catch our breath. And what are the two coaches thinking right at the moment? You show Sydney at your big pro meet in the US in 2022. And of course, we all know how focused the lead in to her 2023 outdoor season was. Look, Man, what are going to know what Coach Kersee is thinking until we see it in act-u-ality. But tell him from me, to send her over to my local, the Silesean Stadion. Then I wish both young women the very, very best in anything and everything they intend and everything they want in their respective national and supre-regional outdoor comps. Sydney with the super compressed US national trials, and Femke at the European Chamionships, Rome 2024 in the second week of June.

  6. 10

    I'm rooting for Bol. I wouldn't be surprised if Bol has caught up to Sydney, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Sydney was still unstoppable. I wasn't inclined to be a fan of Bol's, but she won me over with the fact that I can see her doing something amazing just about every week for most of the year, while Syd goes for long stretches without competing. Boll shows up, but Sydney makes an appearance.

  7. 13

    Sydney is innthe 400 flat
    Bol is in the 400m hurdles
    Bol is running 400s for speed practice
    Sydney is running 800s for strength practice
    Sydney is up against Miller Uibo/Naser in the 400 flat
    Bol is up against not one

  8. 17

    Femke Bol необходимо брать individual Gold medals в беге на 400 метров с барьерами на Олимпийских Играх в Париже 2024. + women's relay 4×400m тоже.

  9. 18

    You can wait and wait and wait for a clash – because there will be no Syd anywhere – she is already retired. But you can wait until FB breaks all the 400 meter records. 400m flat and 400mh. The next record will be set in Glascow – 400m indoors under 49 seconds.

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