11th Class Practical 1- Labelled diagram of 400 M Track & Field with Computation, Athletics

Hello everyone,
Myself Vineet P. Semwal & I am a Physical Education teacher by profession in Delhi. As we all know; because of this COVID-19 pandemic, all schools & colleges are temporarily shut down for further information. So as a responsible teacher I have decided to continue my duty with the help of this platform. In this video, I will tell you about 11TH CLASS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PRACTICAL 1- LABELLED DIAGRAM OF 400 M TRACK & FIELD WITH COMPUTATIONS, HISTORY, ATHLETICS HISTORY, 400 METRE STANDARD RUNNING TRACK, MARKING OF A STANDARD TRACK, STAGGERS, TYPES OF TRACK, CLASSIFICATION OF ATHLETICS EVENTS, TYPES OF CROUCH START FOR SHORT DISTANCE OR SPRINT RACES, TYPES OF FINISHING TECHNIQUES, HURDLE MEASUREMENT, NUMBER, HEIGHT & POSITION ON TRACK, MAIN TIPS AT A GLANCE & MEASUREMENTS OF BOARD, SECTOR, GROUND, ARENA FOR 400 m STANDARD TRACK, STAGGERS, WOMEN 100 M & 400 M HURDLE RACE, MAN 110 M & 400 M HURDLE RACE, THROWING EVENTS, SHOT-PUT, DISCUS THROW, JAVELIN THROW, HAMMER THROW, JUMPING EVENTS, BROAD JUMP, TRIPLE JUMP, HIGH JUMP, POLE VAULT. I hope you will like this small step. Thank You. My mail address vineetsemwaljudo@gmail.com


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