PSX Longplay [643] International Track and Field (US)

Played by: MadMatty

International Track & Field released by Konami in 1996. The game combined events from the original track and Field game and its sequel Hyper Sports.

Not much to say about the game. In the longplay I play through all events and aim to beat the in game world records, not that it unlocks anything for the effort. I do use the Konami code on the swimming level though to utilise the bikini costume.

Like all these sports games and its clones, you pretty much wreck any controller used to play it and sometimes some crazy button combinations are required. Through the game its best to bash 2 buttons at once for power (square and circle in this case) as just mashing one wont get you far. Then its usually case of hitting triangle or cross at the appropriate time to do a jump or throw. Sometimes the event will go into slow mo indicating you have a few milliseconds to hit the button. –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


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