Noah Lyles to be the Most Iconic Sprinter of All-time and The Enhanced Games | Ready Set Go

We are gonna talk about it all year. Track and Field is buzzing right now and we saw that with the New Balance GP in Boston. People come out of the woodworks in an Olympic year. Noah Lyles just put everybody on notice, he’s going to be a serious problem for his competitors, and he has set the stage to be legendary! What are The Enhanced Games…how will the IOC react and will people watch them. Plus, do we need to change the way our sport is covered?

0:00 – Kiara Parker runs 7.18
5:38 – Tia Jones Pro out of highschool
10:40 – Grant Holloway undefeated in indoors
14:52 – Noah Lyles wins the 60M at 6.44
22:37 – Everyone vs Noah Lyles
26:17 – Paris 2024 Olympic Games
27:38 – Justin Gatlin on the Rio Olympic Village
32:05 – The Enhanced Games
41:01 – Track and Field to the casual fan


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