BU Terrier Reaction- Nico Young 12:57 Collegiate Record, Kurgat, Wildschutt, Sahlman Win

Adrian Wildschutt and Edwin Kurgat got the wins but Nico Young got the collegiate record and became the youngest American to go sub 13:00.

We break it all down including the mixed day for the OAC with Joe Klecker having an off day, Yared Nuguse just coming up short but a nice run from Geordie Beamish.

Colin Sahlman got the 3:53 win in the mile over Craig Engels. We break it all down.

Want this as a podcast:

Shote notes:
0:00 BU 5000s 1st Impressions
03:45 Big Wins by Adrian Wildschutt and Edwin Kurgat
06:26 Reflecting on the Performances of Yared Nuguse and George Mills
09:02 Analyzing the First Heat of the Race – OAC and Nuguse but Kurgat Wins
15:32 Rojo’s 1st impressions
18:29 Nuguse’s post-race comments
23:13 Winners and Losers of Heat #1
24:30 Wrapping Up the Discussion and Reflecting on the Event
30:04 Heat #2: Nico Young becomes youngest American to go sub 13:00
31:31 Nico Young post-race comments – been injured
37:14 Comparing Nico Young and Kaitlyn Tuohy’s Progress
42:47 Nico vs Graham Blanks
43:18 Good Day HOKA NAZ Elite
49:57 The Mile Race: Colin Sahlman big win, Craig Engels


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