The Star Athlete 星牌运动员 EP6 – Bowling and Track & Field

Competition is nearing, both captains try their best to build team spirit. Qi Yuwu prepares a BBQ session to motivate his team, while Lee Teng invites special guests for extra coaching lessons. Will their efforts pay off? Next up, the Star Athletes are out in the sun again, for Track & Field events! 比赛日即将来临,两位星牌队长煞费苦心建立团队精神。戚玉武精心安排烧烤会,激励队员;李腾则动用私人交情,邀请“秘密武器”助阵!谁的策略更有效?比赛见真章!下一个体育项目,星牌运动员再次走到户外,挑战被称为“运动之母”的田径!大家在孩提时代都接触过田径,但这次由国手操刀的训练,会不会难倒他们呢?

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